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Thank you for visiting our Doberdoodle site this is a site for people who want to learn about the newest breed the Doberdoodle a unique blend of Doberman and Standard Poodle. This new breed is being devolped for those who love the Doberman for there strength, protection, loyalty and obedience. Crossbreeding the Standard Poodle who is well known for there soft non-sheding coat and human like personality they are extremely affectionate with children and are exclent for working as a gun dog or personal protection dog  St.Poodles are sweet tempered and make great hunting companions.

 We are the leading Doberdoodle breeder in the United States and our dogs are our life, soon we will have our own exclusive Doberdoodle club that will hold many events shuch as shows and competitions, our goal is to become a club that is for Doberdoodle owners and fanciers.

The reason for creating this new breed is that we love both Dobermans and Standard Poodles and when properly breed you get the best of both breeds we are creating a very unique and new breed that is very "rare" and hard to find....

Our Doberdoodles are 1st generation doberdoodle born and raised in our home we feed our dogs and puppies an all natural human grade diet our home made diet consist of 45% meat using a mix of lamb,wild boar,dear,chicken and turkey boild or baked with potato,brown rice carrots peas and cottage cheese for a longer and healthier life of the Doberdoodle!

For treats we give them healthy snacks like fresh bannas apples and strawberries and raw carrots we give them treats just for being dogs and not as a training method. 

All of our puppies come with their first set of shots w/no lepto a Vet. exam, health certificate and dewormer they are flea free sense birth their tails are docked and dew claws are removed!

You can reserve your doberdoodle puppy with a non-refundable deposit of .00 the tail and or dew claws are removed. First come first pick gaurenteed!

Price per pup 1,800.00

Price Includes: One pup, Micro Chip, Shiping any where in the U.S.A., 1medium Travel Kennel, Vet. Exam, First shots with no Lepto, Kennel cough Vaccine, Stool check,Wormed, Health Certification, Bill of sale, Travel Certification,  U.K.C. Registration  Document, One tube of advantage for flea control, One Heart Gaurd pill for Heart worm protection, The pup will be Flea free sience birth and Will be Bathed, Nails trimed, Ears cleaned Before Shiping

Prices are not negotiable!

All pups come with U.K.C. papers and can be shown thrue the U.K.C. regestry and club! All pups are gaurenteed with a contract!

 Our Doberdoodles wil live 10-16 years or more if feed a human grade diet consting of at least 45% meat based protien.


Pandora's Poison Image

Pandora's Poison Image is a  Blue Doberman female she is the first blue doberman to ever breed to a "cafe'-au-lait" standard poodle Pandora is a high quailty Blue doberman she is 4 months pictured here we did not crop her ears because we love her the way we got her and we have no intent on showing her.

 Pandora is the standard of the Doberman a medium sized dog with a square biuld, compact, muscular and powerful. Built for speed and temperment she is alert,watchful,determined,fearless,loyal and obedient she is the ultimate Doberman for protection and training

Pandora lives to please she is energetic and has a high play drive she loves to work and play she is being trained for basic obed. and personal protection.

Pandora's Poison Image her first litter will be born in 2006 we are accepting deposits now and have a reserve list that is up to one year.

Doberdoodle puppies in 2006 U.K.C. regesterd!

We guarentee Quality not Quantity!

Albino or White Beware!  

Albino is a "Deleterious Genetic Mutation" and should never be breed as this seriously affects the physcial and mental health of the breed. Whites are not prefferd as they also have many health and genetic problems such as skin problems, deaf, blind or even still born litters! The parents even if they are first generation of Doberdoodle should not be albino or white and if so.....

Then  they  should be spayed or nutered to ensure the traits do not pass on to thier offspring creating a genetic mutation of the Doberdoodle.